3WaterColors is more than a local non-profit (501c3); it is a passion. A passion that was formulated from
my personal history. For me to convey what 3WaterColors does and means, I need first to explain why I
created this organization. See I was that child, abused, neglected, and always hungry. My mother was
always so cruel. Aside from the name-calling and disregard for my life and safety, the emotional games
she played with me was unbelievable. The different types of abuse that she and the company she kept
had done to me was too much, they broke my spirit! Everyday for me was uncertain, I didn’t exist and I
couldn’t understand why, I was so young. To this very day, the memories overwhelm me, even after
many years of counseling, the thoughts still bring tears to my eyes and the sadness is too much for me
to bear. This abuse continued from the time I was born until I was twenty two years of age.
Due to the chaos, I never got the proper medical help I need it. I remember always being so sick and like
I mentioned after years of counseling I now understand why. I would be so hungry, I would eat raw
bacon, sausage, and pasta. Anything to satisfy my hunger. I also didn’t get 8 hours of sleep a night or 5,
sometimes 2, and was expected to get up and walk to school or other times not attend school for days.
Because of this my health and education suffered immensely. My daily life consisted of, name-calling,
yelling, sadness, confusion, hand me downs and being scared.
As though that wasn’t hard enough, being of the mixed-race just adds more heartache. I didn’t belong
anywhere! I was born in Dallas, Tx but raised in El Paso, Tx. My father was African American from Dallas,
Tx and my mother was Mexican Native American from Fresnillo Zacatecas. As you know, I was bought up
with my mom in a predominantly Hispanic community. I was the only colored person in the
neighborhood. So, not only did my mom call me the “N“ word but so did the school kids, the
neighborhood kids, and their parents! I didn’t have friends at school or home because I was BLACK and
poor! Not very many people knew my name because I was known as the “N” in Spanish and English.
Then a simple act of kindness, when I was in the 4th grade, sparked something in me. Wow! The school
nurse and teacher made me feel alive! Do they see me? Yes, they did, I’m here! Every month the nurse
would give me clothes from the lost and found and other personal hygiene items. One of my teaches
would always give me a BIG hug and ask me if I was okay or hungry. I remember this teacher would
always stay in for lunch and sit with me. Something so simple but GRAND in my eyes. Those were the
best 6 hours of my life. When I went on to middle school another teacher helped me. She would buy me
clothes, hygiene products, school supplies, and was even my emergency contact on my school
paperwork. I lived with her for a few months after she received a phone call from the police about my

So, you see, I both know what the signs are and can relate directly to what these children are going
through. I know that giving these kids a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing;
3watercolosrs wants to give them that SPARK! WE are here and how can we help?


Sylvia Pradia

CEO / Founder